Increasing numbers of pets are taking advantage of easier Pet Passport regulations and travelling to Europe.

All that is now required is that your pet is microchipped (and by law all dogs should now be chipped anyway), has a Rabies vaccination and then be issued with a completed Pet Passport. Your dog is then ok to travel abroad 21 days after the date of vaccination.

Different rules apply for countries outside the EU.

Rabies boosters are only needed every 3 years.

Pets need to be treated against tapeworms before they return to the UK  so travelling involves seeing a vet abroad before you return to the UK.

Finally we recommend that you take precautions against ticks while you are abroad as there are some very unpleasant diseases caused by ticks and other parasites that we hardly see in this country but that are much more common on the continent.

Please speak to a member of the team for further advice.